About Ntosh

company overview

Ntosh Construction Logistics specialize in the supply and installation of Reinforced Steel with contracts of all sizes ranging from smaller housing to large developments, providing the complete package of supply, cut, bend, deliver and fixing to job specific requirements. We offer our clients a complete steel reinforcing solution, which includes the additional on-site service of fixing and placing the reinforcing products in position.

Ntosh Construction Logistics is customer focused and be responsive to change, balanced by a clear understanding that value and quality guide our decision making.

our core business

We offer a full service rebar fabricator that is dedicated to customer service. Other products include wire-mesh and related concrete accessories Steel Reinforcing Spacer Systems, Formwork Accessories, Brick Wall Support Systems, Safety Products and Rebar Accessories.

Our Company is involved in the Supply, Cut, Bend and Fixing of reinforcement products for Residential Buildings, Civil Construction, Commercial Building, Piling and Other related building requirements in the Construction Industry. Reinforcing is commonly used as a tensioning device in the concrete and masonry structures holding the concrete in the compression. It is formed from carbon steel and given ridges for better mechanical anchoring into the concrete.

Our Goals & Objectives

To attain the Company’s strategic direction, the mission, objectives and competitive advantage have been established to provide a vision and foreground for the company’s success. In addition, a measure of the scope of the product which the organization offers, and underlying environmental commitments held in relation to all stakeholders and the environment itself, are also key players in the company’s strategic direction and focus.